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Best of Boston Logo

We Put Success in Your Hands

“If you prefer a gym that’s a glorified spa, look elsewhere. But if you want to train like a pro, then go where actual professionals work out. In the case of boxing, that’s Peter Welch’s Gym.

Hidden in a warehouse in Southie, it’s old-school, with real rings, real equipment, and real fighters leading each class. You’ll learn proper punching and evasive techniques while getting the best workout of your life.”

– Boston Magazine (in naming Peter Welch’s Gym Best of Boston)

Peter Welch

Peter Welch, Owner Peter Welch’s Gym

Peter Welch is helping South Boston stay strong not only physically but also by strengthening our community too. His enthusiasm and dedication to both the sport of boxing and preserving the heart and soul of his hometown is inspiring.

  • Strength & Conditioning Room
  • Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms
  • Morning, Afternoon & Evening Fighter Conditioning Classes
  • High-End Audio & Video System
  • Fighter Strength Circuit Training
  • Boxing Instruction Program

Providing a Knockout Workout to the Neighborhood

Peter Welch’s Gym has earned a reputation of being hands-on, no-nonsense, old school, a community center where world class fighters train alongside college students, moms, dads, and kids – all achieving extreme improvements in strength, speed, stamina, balance, agility, and (for many) weight loss. Peter Welch’s Gym originally started out as a place for boxers to train. Over time, fitness enthusiasts became interested in our fighter training as a means to enhance their athletic endeavors and blue collar individuals saw the potential that this type of functional training brought to improving their job performance. This is why functional fitness is very important in people’s exercise regimes. With a strong word of mouth, the gym begin to attract people of all ages and skill levels who were seeking a challenging, spirited and varied workout that got amazing results! Peter Welch’s Gym is known for it’s friendly, welcoming, and highly-skilled staff. Every time members come to the gym, they experience Peter Welch’s Gym Three Cs: Coaching, Conditioning and Confidence in a community and friendly type environment. We pride ourselves on being a neighborhood boxing facility that provides everyone a knockout workout.

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