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Kid Boxing Classes in Boston, MA

The art of boxing isn’t all about fighting, and our kid boxing classes in Boston, MA prove there is more to the sport than punching. In fact, we don’t even have them begin sparring in this program. Our trainers help them gain self-confidence with our exercises to give them a leg up in problem-solving and critical thinking. Boxing is also a great way to build cardio, strength, and hand-eye coordination. We also strive to boost their self-confidence, which can help in plenty of other aspects of their life. Call us today, or stop by the gym to discuss what classes we offer and get your kid signed up for a session.

kids training boxing

Explore the Benefits of Kid Boxing & Self-Defense

Our kid boxing classes provide youth with a way to release their built-up energy while learning lifelong skills both inside and outside the ring. We utilize a variety of bodyweight and strength conditioning exercises paired with cardiovascular and flexibility activities to heighten their focus and physical conditioning. Check out the other benefits our classes provide:

  • Enhanced focus, respect, discipline, and confidence
  • Improved flexibility and coordination
  • Practical self-defense skills
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Strength training development
  • Preparation for school sports or recreational activities
kids with boxing gloves

After-School Kids Boxing Classes

Tuesday: 5:30 PM– 7:00 PM
Thursday: 5:30 PM– 7:00 PM
Saturdays: 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM
10 Class Punch Card is $200

We’re excited to announce our expanded youth boxing program! The T/TH classes are at the same time as our fighter conditioning class. That means parents can workout downstairs while their kids are working out upstairs! Sign Up Now! South End Boston

Through a 10 Class Pack you have tremendous flexibility. To register and or for more information call or text Nick Nelson.

Call Nick: 617-733-8555 Text Nick: 617-733-8555

Learn More About Our Kid Boxing Classes

Our curriculum is curated to help children of different ages and skill levels. We ensure that they are safe, fun, and engaging. Each instructor focuses the lessons on teaching proper technique or offense and defense while using techniques to minimize the risk of damage to themselves. They can then take these skills and apply them to other real-life scenarios where physicality isn’t required. Discipline is required throughout schoolwork and chores at home. Confidence is something they can carry for the rest of their life. Reach out today if you have further questions about how our kid boxing classes can positively impact your child’s life, and register them for the next session.

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