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Boxing Brings Out the True Fighter in You

When you train at Peter Welch’s Gym, a wide range of physical skills are developed along with a new found mental toughness. Whether you want to learn boxing as a hobby, for self defense, to become a better athlete, to test yourself in carefully supervised matches for charity or become an amateur or professional fighter, our FighterTechnique Program will drive you to achievement. The program incorporates and builds off the conditioning principles used in the Fighter Conditioning Classes.

boxing training

Fighter Technique – Developed by Peter Welch

A former Golden Gloves champion and the elite boxing coach for dozens of boxers and UFC Fighters including; Kenny Florian, Jorge Rivera and Brock Lesnar.

Tom Skolnik, who was on the USOEC “Olympic Training Team” for four years, manages the program. Under the supervision of several Peter Welch’s Gym trainers you will learn the basics of boxing mechanics. As you box, outside stresses soon disappear, you become more alive and totally focused in the moment. The lessons learned from boxing enhance you personally and professionally.

You will be guided through a formalized training system with progression through a system of Levels (which is further broken down into phases within each level). Your advancement will be formally recognized by a ranking system – similar to the belt system found in many martial arts. Boxing is a challenging sport where there is always something new to learn or improve upon. Over time, you will learn traditional boxing techniques that paved the way for Dempsey, Marciano, Hagler, Robinson, Ali and countless others who made boxing history.

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