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Meet Abraham Nova, our newest addition to the Peter Welch’s Gym training staff, and the current #1 Ranked Amateur Boxer at 141 lbs. in the entire nation!

With nearly a decade of boxing experience, Abraham’s résumé is rivaled by very few fighters as young as he is. At just 20 years old, Nova already has over 120 amateur fights on both the national and international level.

Abraham won both the Junior Olympic and National PAL tournaments at just 16 years of age. He then went on to become a 3 time Golden Glove Champion in the midst of finding huge success internationally with fights across Europe and Asia. Nova capped it off by bringing home gold medals at both the 2014 Independence World Cup in the Dominican Republic and the 2014 Cheo Aponte in Puerto Rico.

As the reigning US National Champ, Abraham Nova is the #1 Seed for the 2016 USA Olympic Boxing Team. He will be leaving to compete in the US Championships NEXT WEEK as he looks to advance to the Pan Am Games, moving one step closer to that Olympic squad.

As always, be sure to make Abraham feel at home now that he will be around the gym imparting his knowledge on all those interested in learning boxing skills. Despite his fighting prowess, Abe is a really friendly and approachable guy, and that’s why he is going to fit right in at PWG. Be sure to find Abraham Nova on Facebook, and follow him @abrhamnova22 and @super_nova_boxing.

The following video is from the 2014 USA Boxing Elite Championship Finals. Abraham’s fight begins at the 3:10 mark, but it doesn’t last long!

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